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In the 1980ies, Heiko Martens-Scholz was one of the founding members of the Green Party in Germany. As a student he believed, that doing buisness was a dirty job and would ruin our planet.  In the 1990ies Heiko turned into an „Entrepreneur of the future“. Creating a mind shift in his fast growing international business community. Realizing that a bureaucratic „Green economy“ isn`t the end of the rainbow, he joined the world wide community to develop a new sustainable business model:

„A sustainable world economy is more than just renewable energies and electric cars. It is a whole new design including a mind-shift in entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Instead of exploiting and wasting earth`s resources, in a sustainble economy we learn to develop inter-dependent reproductive cycles of a near 100% efficiency. And what is most challenging, the new economy is not limited to our own planet Earth.  Most technical innovations of the future will include space technologies. Space exploration will be a key driver of sustainability in the 21st century. “

„I cannot agree more with you“

Honorable David Anderson,

Elder Statesman Canada

In 2000 the „roadmap towards a sustainable world economy“  developed by road2sustainability was honored by the Schumpeter Award jury of University St. Gallen, Switzerland. It contains a holistic leadership model, a guideline to societal and economic change as well as a scenario for dynamic future economic development based on social and ecological balance.

Examples of Sustainability

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Heiko Martens-Scholz speaking at UN Energy Confernce in Geneva

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